Privacy (GDPR), big data
    and artificial intelligence

    Privacy (GDPR), big data and artificial intelligence

    Our healthcare environment is digitalising. Much personal information is stored in software applications.

    • How to protect yourself against legal misuses or hacking of information?
    • How to develop a secure system for information sharing?
    • How to integrate patients’ rights and privacy legislation?
    • And are you ready for the European GDPR-regulations and monitoring?

    Be assisted by Law firm Callens. We provide legal expertise in the integration of privacy-items for:

    • Auditing and implementing the GDPR-regulations
    • Employee and co-worker contracts, as well as internal regulations
    • Contracts with processors or joint controllers
    • Mandatory statements on your website
    • Non-disclosure clauses
    • Processing’s register

    And this for a diverse target audience of actors in the healthcare sector:

    • Healthcare institutions and healthcare providers
    • The pharmaceutical and biotech sector
    • The industry
    • Cloud providers and cloud platforms
    • Private equity in healthcare

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    Achieve a strong position when enter into closing agreements or in case of legal disputes before court  

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