Research and Development

    Research and Development

    Research to new products and techniques requires agreements with various parties, such as the research institute, the hospital, the researcher, the patient and the government.

    Within the process of drafting contracts special attention is required for:
    • Careful handling of data and body material
    • Strong contractual agreements between the parties involved in the research and development of products and techniques
    • Patients’ rights
    • Protection of intellectual property
    • Guaranteeing of confidentiality and protection of personal data

    Be assisted by Law firm Callens. We provide legal expertise in Research and Development with regard to:

    • Drafting of clauses between parties in case of access to research data and use of data
    • Contracts with regard to body material and scientific research
    • Contracts with regard to biobanks
    • Legal aspects of research protocols and informed consent documents
    • Impact analysis of clinical trials regulation
    • Compliance with the Sunshine act
    • Contacts with Ethical committees and or/ the FAMHP (Federal agency for medicines and health products)
    • And so on

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